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Timeless 2.0

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What was the challenge?

To normalize experiences of abortion and challenge the stigma associated with it through creatively sharing and capturing women’s stories.To inform and generate public debate and discussion on the topic of egg freezing and its potential impact on society. 



What did we do?

Designed and produced a fictional beauty brand and pop-up shop / exhibition that opened in London’s Old Street Station. A unique range of provocative beauty products were each designed to impart specific information, a short documentary was xxx, and a programme of talks by leading experts in reproductive medicine and gender politics xxxx

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What was the result?

Timeless was a successful vehicle for raising public debate across diverse audiences. Over 1200 people visited the shop during the 6 days it was open, and more than 5,000 accessed the Timeless website during the same time. The project saw 54 pieces of media coverage across print, online, TV and radio, including a cover feature in The Observer magazine and live pieces on BBC Radio, LondonLive and Sky News. Timeless has gone on to pop-up at more locations in the UK.

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