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Innocent Drinks


What was the challenge?

Innocent wanted to inspire and engage staff with their new strategy at a large-scale launch event for teams from across the UK and Europe.


What did we do?

We worked with Innocent’s senior team to identify the core messages that they wanted to communicate to their staff. We also ran sessions with members of the Creative, Strategy and Product teams in order to better understand their vision for the organisation.

The senior team wanted to celebrate achievement and generate excitement about the future. To showcase these two themes, we created a film that combined Innocent’s own pre-existing footage with new material that was created with the involvement of staff at all levels.

The resulting film had a playful concept that was unique to the Innocent brand. It was showcased at the strategy launch event and brought freshness and clarity to Innocent’s communication with its staff, creating a great buzz amongst the whole team.

The Liminal Space did a great job in helping us turn a potentially dry business update into some brilliant, engaging video content. They brought real creativity to the brief and delivered brilliantly within a timeline that left no margin for error. The result was one of the most popular parts of our company weekend away this year.  On top of that, they managed to combine being professional and challenging with being loads of fun to work with.
— Head of Communications, Innocent Drinks
Film + WebSarah Douglas