The Liminal Space

What We Do


What We Do

The Liminal Space is a unique consultancy that brings together the rigour of a think tank and the creativity of a cross-disciplinary design studio.

We synthesise complex topics and translate them into tangible objects and experiences that people can relate to and interact with. This direct engagement ignites interest, deepens understanding and inspires action.

We work with forward-thinking organisations who want to:

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Bring social issues to public audiences

We help organisations looking to engage the public on social issues that can be hard to explain. We distil complex subjects and develop bespoke engagement strategies to stimulate public debate about some of the toughest issues facing our society.

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Make an impact with academic research

We work with leading institutions to bring to life their academic research for public audiences. Our creative “reciprocal engagement” method means audiences are able to understand complex topics in new and exciting ways; and in turn, we obtain deeper insights from the public that institutions use to advance their research.

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Take an inventive approach to solving business challenges

We inspire business leaders to take a radically different approach to solving strategic questions. And to motivate their teams to understand and apply new ways of working. We also devise creative methods to help businesses engage their customers and consumers.


Ingenuity requires imagination, so no two projects are the same: the output of our work might be an immersive installation, a multisensory workshop, a film, a podcast or even… a fictional beauty store

The Liminal Space offers a wide scope of services, from experiential design to leading public engagement projects and internal innovation and learning programmes.  Whether you’re looking to kick-start a new initiative or for complete strategic guidance for projects, we work closely with stakeholders to deliver an original outcome.

Every challenge is different; we’ll find a way to tackle yours.