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Speculative Futures Workshop


What was the challenge?

How do you encourage people to understand and relate to an issue when they may not have had any direct experience of it?

How do you get people to think through the wide-ranging implications of an issue – for individuals and for wider society? 


What did we do?

Imagining what the future might look like is a great way to think about the new products, services and policies we might need to develop and the way society might need to change in order to prepare for that future.

It’s a technique that’s used widely – from the government and Google to Hollywood film directors – to imagine what the future is going to be like and how we are going to respond.

We’ve devised the Speculative Futures Workshop, which we tailor to each organisation that we work with, in order to help people engage with the deeper implications and applications of technology and social change that the future holds.

Our bespoke workshops utilise really creative methods to bring the future to life. We make use of physical materials, imagery and sound stimulus so that participants can tangibly explore all the nuances of that imagined future.

We’ve used this approach with retail clients to devise the services, products and platforms that will be needed to satisfy the future consumer; worked with charities to imagine the future for an ageing population; and created workshops for numerous academic institutions interrogating issues from social cohesion to the future of education. 

With young female students from LSE, we created a workshop to think about what the impact would be on them and society if egg freezing became a social norm. The outputs of this workshop, where we invented some of the products and services that may exist in an egg freezing future, can be seen below.

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