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Trades Union Congress


What was the challenge?

The Trades Union Congress wanted to deepen trade union leaders’ understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by young workers on minimum wage.


What did we do?

Working with the latest research on young core workers, we created a day-long immersive experience in which senior leaders from a number of trade unions were invited to “stand in the shoes” of a typical young worker.

We hired actors to play roles such as ‘demanding boss’ or ‘distressed girlfriend’ and placed the participants in real-world scenarios where they had to experience and react to some of the commonplace pressures these young workers face – from completing workplace tasks to deadline to responding to urgent phone calls and text messages. Like a game, participants had to navigate the particular challenges of their day using the personal items they found in bags at different locations along the way.

The TUC were so happy with the feedback they received from the participants that they asked us to repeat the event so that more leaders could benefit from the experience. 

ExperienceSarah Douglas