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Foresight Factory


What was the challenge?

Foresight Factory were looking for a unique way to deepen their clients’ understanding of the latest consumer trends to come out of their social research reports.


What did we do?

We brought Foresight Factory’s latest trends to life through a series of ‘curated excursions’ to see and experience emergent trends first-hand.  On the excursions, Foresight Factory’s clients learned about ethical consumption on the roof of an urban farm, gained a unique perspective on the purchasing habits of ultra-high-net worth individuals from inside Sotheby’s private viewing rooms, learned about new materials in the cutting room of a renowned tailor and tasted the future of food in a secret underground market.

Attendees reported having an exceptional experience that opened their eyes to the possibilities of emerging consumer trends by making the research data tangible and vivid.  

ExperienceSarah Douglas