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What was the challenge?

The Royal College of Art's Innovation Department were launching a new student challenge programme on the topic of ‘The Future of Work’ and they wanted to encourage students to participate. The aim of the programme was to engage students to think about the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on the future of work, and to consider what products and services we might need to create in order to adapt to that future.


What did we do?

We devised an event series that kick-started the programme and generated interest in the topic by bringing together headline thinkers, innovators and pioneers at the cutting edge of new approaches and technologies focused on the future of work.

We invited speakers from Atlas of the Future, Hot Spots Movement, Year Here, Forum for the Future, UnLtd, The Finance Innovation Lab, Google Research and Shift. They delivered inspirational talks and debated on the subjects of sustainability, the city, managing waste, automation in the workplace and human empathy.

The event series also included a practical workshop, where our speakers helped students develop their ideas and connected them with other innovators who could assist them through the challenge process.

The programme is now running successfully in its second year, with a focus on regenerating cities.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah Douglas over a number of years and have always been impressed with her imaginative approach to problem solving. Most recently The Liminal Space team organised a series of innovation events and again we were inspired by the choices they proposed and very satisfied with the delivered outcomes.
— Dr Nadia Danhash, Director, InnovationRCA, Royal College of Art
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