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What was the challenge?

Ipsos MORI and the Academy of Medical Sciences wanted to generate conversations with research participants on how they access and use evidence to judge the benefits and harms of medicines.


What did we do?

We created a pop-up fictional pharmacy that housed a series of imaginary medicines. The medicines served as conversational aids during interviews with the public and were designed to inspire interest and deepen engagement with the research questions being asked. 

The medical ‘product range’ used a familiar clinical aesthetic to connect across a diverse public audience, and each featured different facts relevant to medical testing and evidence.

The fictional pharmacy was able to obtain a much deeper level of insight than traditional research methods, and had such an impact that it is now housed permanently in the atrium of the Academy of Medical Science’s Portland Place HQ. 

The Liminal Space helped us to successfully engage the public in a complex and unfamiliar topic. The installation that they produced helped to immerse research participants in the topic which offered a route for deeper dialogue and exploration in our research.
— Graham Bukowski, Associate Director, Social Research Institute, Ipsos MORI